Virtual Trade Shows are Here!

Virtual Trade Shows

Virtual Trade Shows are Here!

Create and manage virtual conferences, meetings and events all in one place. The Virtual Event Platform will allow your attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors to actively participate and network during your virtual events.

The Virtual Event Platform provides the following:

  • Branded virtual event portal with the look of your website.
  • Multiple tiered sponsor/exhibitor marketing opportunities that generate revenue to your event bottom line and theirs, too.
  • Intuitive schedule builder tool creates conference schedules based on what was chosen or you can choose to show the full schedule. You can even link to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media for greater market exposure and increased attendance.
  • Make Zoom-recorded sessions available post conference for additional revenue.
  • Zoom integration tracks attendance automatically and reports back to your database!
  • Include recordings (via Zoom and other providers) in schedule. Vimeo integration allows tracking of pre-recordings.
  • Follow up with attendees post event. Send surveys, issue certificates and CEUs, and more.

And now we add the virtual trade show integration for a complete package.

Virtual Trade Show

  • Sponsor/Exhibitor listing with filters and search
  • Extended company listings
  • Social media links
  • Company welcome video
  • Company and Staff chat
  • Unlimited company resources
  • Unlimited company videos
  • Full Analytics
  • Virtual Tote bag
  • Virtual Lead Retrieval
  • Attendee “business card” drop off


  • Appointment scheduling
  • Gamification (scavenger hunts, bingo…)

Let us be a resource!

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