Attendee Online

Offline Registration

  • Enter registrations received via mail, fax, phone or email.
  • Enter check, wire transfers, manual credit card transactions and cash payments.
  • Update, change, cancel, make notes, send invoices, confirmations and messages

Onsite Registration & Check-In

Use your own printers

Easy to use onsite mode for clerks

Payment processing

Seamless integration with advance registrations

Support for QR codes and bar codes for lead retrieval

Badges & Tickets

Custom and personalized event tickets and badges

Different templates based on registration category

Signify program selections

Add QR or bar codes for lead retrieval or check-in

Include logos and other branding

Drag and Drop Design

Workshops & Sessions

  • Easy setup of the full itinerary for your meeting.
  • Links to detailed descriptions
  • Link to sessions and workshops to rooms and tracks
  • Automatic closing of programs according to capacity
  • One-click reporting of your session counts & attendees

Banquet Seating

Unique Banquet Seating chart reflects the layout of your room

Remove or add tables as needed

Special reports on assignments by name, table or company

Easy assignment lookup and easy to change the names of the attendees in groups

Attendee updates are reflected in real-time on all your reports and charts

Charts are immediately updated when there is an individual or group cancellation

Setup registrations for individuals or full tables

All assignments are linked to the registration so there are no duplicate or missed assignments

Session Scanning and Credits

Using QR code technology, our software makes is easy for you to track attendance to your meeting and your sessions. Running on both iPhone and Android, meeting planners and volunteers can download the app and immediately start being productive. Using our software session tracking mobile app, mobile and web-based surveys, and email, our software eliminates most of the time-consuming and error-prone process of issuing CEU certificates after your conference.

  • Use our mobile app to track your session and workshop attendees as they enter or leave the room.
  • Real time reports of attendance that can be used for issuance of credits.
  • Issue mobile or web-based surveys for both the individual sessions and general conference. Mobile surveys use the attendee app. This and the web-based survey screens can be setup to allow only those scanned into the sessions to complete the form.
  • Review credits prior to sending out certificates.
  • Email CEUcertificates to those who qualify. Create PDF certificates(s) based on your own template and then send landing page summarizing credits earned to each attendee. They, in turn, can download their own PDF certificate of CEUs earned.

By automating the tracking of attendees, construction and management of the surveys and the issuing of CEUs certificates, much tedious and error-prone activity after the conference can be saved for you and your staff.