Managing an event ruff-er than you thought?

Event Management Can Be Frustrating

Managing an event can be frustrating – the kind that makes you want to tear your hair out, knock everything off your desk, and yell into the void. But executing a successful event doesn’t have to drive you crazy!

With the most flexible tool in the industry, working with us saves time, money, and your sanity. It’s scalable for big and small events, whether they’re live, virtual or hybrid. And our support team is dedicated to helping you engage your audience, manage your event, and analyze data when it’s all over!


  • Create custom online registration forms
  • Send attractive invites
  • Target your marketing efforts
  • Send reminders for specific registration categories
  • ERMobile Attendee App & EROnsite App


  • Oversee attendee offline and online registration
  • Onsite registration and check-in
  • Workshops and sessions
  • Banquet seating


  • Real-time reporting available 24/7
  • Dozens of reporting options
  • Create and send customized surveys
  • Receive feedback from session attendees

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Exceptional Customer Service From Beginning To End.

YesEvents wants you to manage your events successfully. That’s why we do what we do.

Let YesEvents help with your live, virtual or hybrid meetings.

  • Complete customization of forms
  • Seamless transition to  web forms
  • Secure, real-time credit card processing
  • Registration pricing by Rates or Dates
  • Interactive floorplans
  • Badges and tickets
  • Personalized communications
  • Conference and session surveys
  • Designated point of contact
  • Unlimited training