What’s Your Virtual Meeting Strategy?

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What’s Your Virtual Meeting Strategy?

Your meeting is going virtual now what? Virtual meetings are very different than your live, in-person meetings. Defining your virtual meeting strategy is crucial now more than ever. Here are some things to consider.

Define Your Audience!

This is a whole new world. It is important to determine who your “new” audience is and what they are looking for.

  • Who will be attending this event?

Will you attract a new audience? Will your attendance increase?

  • What challenges might they be facing?

Think about sick friends or family, economic adversity, interruptions from family members

  • What is your audience looking for?

Education, networking, innovative ideas

Determine the Best Format for virtual event

  • There are many formats to use to meet the goals of your event and your attendees.
  • Single presenter where one person speaks to many. Think webinar.
  • Panel presentations are great when you have a group of experts speaking on a particular topic.
  • Demonstrations are great to for your vendors to showcase their products and newest innovations. This would also work for poster presentations.
  • Q&A is a great way to have the attendees interact with the presenters
  • An interview style presentation is a great format to share information and insights to a large audience

Choose Dates and Times Wisely

Your audiences may not be working 9-5 anymore. They are not all gathering together in the same location. Starting an event at 9 am on the east coast may be too early for those on the west coast. Consider your international attendees. Posting of pre-recorded videos can be an option.


Just because your meeting is now online, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer value. Charging a fee (even a small one) signals your attendees that there is value to be had. If you do charge a fee be sure use a registration system so that you can track your attendees and gather the data important to you.

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